Contact Us
Township Office  
Hours of Operation: Weekdays 7:30 to 3:00
Township Secretary: Dennis Feerrar
Phone: (570) 384-3206
Fax: (570) 384-3799
Zoning Office  
Hours of Operation: By Appointment
Zoning Officer: Paul Kattner
Phone: (570) 384-3206
Fax: (570) 384-3799
Road Crew  
Phone: (570) 384-4563
Lead: John Ross
Road Crew: Jesse Webster
Road Crew: Scott Knecht
Road Crew:  
Township Auditors - Call Township Secretary to Contact
Auditor: Lori Webster
Auditor: George Larock
Auditor: Donna Lupcho
Tax Collector: Sandy Houseknecht
Appointed Officials - Call Township Secretary to Contact
Vacancy Board: Angelo Tolotti
E.M.A. Steve Motil Jr.
Convention Voting Delegate: Bonnie Adams
Depository: (all funds) national Penn Bank
Pension Plan Administrator: Township Secretary / Treasurer
Other Important Phone Numbers:
BIU, Code Enforcement Officer: Toni Nocchi - (570) 401-2687
Township Engineer: Joe Calabresse - (570) 459-2609
Sewage Enforcement Officer: Bill Brior - (570) 384-3408
Fire Dept., Ambulance, Police, etc. 911
PennDOT (800) 932-4600
District Magistrate: Dan O’Donnel
Chair Person: Bonnie Adams
Solicitor: Donald Karpowich - (570) 788-6647