Welcome to Black Creek Township
Black Creek Township is nestled in the lower end of Luzerne County bordered by Columbia and Schuylkill Counties, featuring a quiet country surrounded by streams and lakes enhancing the farm land territory. The Township's future growth and development is increasing with Black Creek Estates, Orchard Hill Estates and Eagle Rock Development.
Black Creek Township has a new municipal building, a garage, 2 equipment storage garages, and salt shed. The township has a park and baseball field located in Rock Glen, next to the township pool. The pool is closed, until further notice, due to needing major, unaffordable repairs. 

Board of Supervisors:

Randall Yacowatz:  January 1st, 2024- December 31st, 2029

Rolland Cheesman:  January 1st 2024- December 31st 2025

Dennis Feerar: January 11th, 2024-December 31st, 2025




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