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Township Office  
Office Phone: (570) 384-3206
Office Hours:

Monday - Thursday 9:30am-12:30pm or by appointment

Closed Fridays

Office Fax: (570) 384-3799
Mailing and physicalAddress: 1980 Tomhicken Road
  Bloomsburg, PA 17815
 Office Manager Tracy Miller
 Part-time Secretary Fran Villano


Zoning Office


Zoning Officer Carl Faust

(570) 384-3206

Direct off site office number:

(570) 943-2577

Fax: (570) 384-3799

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Road Crew  
Garage Phone: (570) 384-4563
Road Crew Foreman: John Ross
Road Crew Laborer: Matt Mumaw
Part Time Road Crew Laborer: Mark Yurcho
Part Time Road Crew Laborer:

Victor Hons

Elected Township Auditors-  Call Township Secretary to Contact  
Auditor: Donna Lupcho
Auditor: Barbra Agresta
Auditor: Steve Bruno
Tax Collector Sandy Houseknecht
  (570) 788-0565
  766 Rock Glen Rd, Sugarloaf, PA 18249
Appointed Officials - Call Township Secretary to Contact  
Roadmasters Dr. Saura Rohrbach and Rick Davis
Solicitor Anthony McDonald, Esquire
Township Engineer
Jason Snyder P.E./ETA Inc
Zoning Solicitor
Matthew Turowski, Esquire
Secondary Engineer Joe Brutosky/JTB Engineering
Vacancy Board:
Joyce Knies
Chairwoman Dr. Saura Rohrbach
Vice-chairwoman Bonnie Adams
Secretary/Treasurer Rick Davis
Right to Know Officer  
Emergency Managment Coordinator
Steve Motil Jr.
Residential and Commercial Building Inspector: Larry Frace- (570) 387-0687
Sewage Enforcement Officer
Bill Brior - (570) 384-3408
Secondary Sewage Enforcment Officer Bob Fugate
Township Fire Cheif Joe Lescowitch
Convention Voting Delegate
Dr. Saura Rohrbach
Pension Plan Administrator
Township Secretary / Treasurer- Rick Davis
Lawrence Cable and Company, LLP
Head of Recreation Board None, seeking applicant 
Fire Dept., Ambulance, Police, etc. 911
PennDOT (800) 932-4600
District Magistrate Judge Dan O’Donnel - (570) 788-1191
Depository BB&T
Depository for Local Tax Services Berkheimer